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Karuppu Ulundhu Kali Mix

Weight : 450g

1. Strengthens the Uterus
2. Conrols excess bleeding
3. Strengthen the Bones
4. Prevents Back and Hip Pains
5. Its Good Healthy food for both Male and Female

Take Karuppu Ulundhu Kali Mix and stir with hot milk or water like as dosa batter. In a pan, pour sesame oil or ghee and roast with Cashewnut. Mix the roasted Cashewnut with the batter and stir well. Heat the mix for 10 minutes in sim and stir often. Take chopped Karuppatti or Jaggery (one cup Karuppatti or Jaggery for one cup karuppu Ulundhu Kali Mix), mix with water and heat until the Karuppatti or Jaggery turns into a liquid. Then, filter the Karuppatti water and pour the same in the Kali Mix. Heat this mix in sim mode for 10 minutes and stir often. Taste the Karuppu Ulundhu Kali Mix in hot or chill.

Karuppu Ulundhu, Green Gram, Thinai, Varagu, Samai, Kuthiraivali and Cardamom.

Karuppu Ulundhu KaliMix chennai Small Millets