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Traditional Rice Dosa Mix

Weight : 450g

Soak Traditional Rice Dosa Mix with required water and salt for half an hour. Spread the dosa mix in the heated tawa. If required, heat a pan with mustard, urad dhal, split Bengal gram, onion, green chillies in oil and add to Dosa mix.

Kuruvai Kalanjiyam Rice, Arubadam Kuruvai Rice, Garudan Samba Rice, Kuzhivedichan Rice, Kothamalli Samba Rice, Kaatuyanam Rice, Mapillai Samba Rice, Poongar Rice, Red Kavuni Rice, Kullakkar Rice, Foctail Millet, Kodo Millet, Barnyard Millet, Little Millet, Boiled Rice Urad Dhal & Fenugreek.

Traditional Rice has all Nutrients & Medicine for all Diseases.
1. Can be taken for Heart Diseases, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer and Kidney Stones.
2. Provides digestion & make the body Stronger
3. Helpful for removing intoxicants in the body
4. Make the Bones, Joints, Teeth & Nervous Systems as stronger
5. Best for Skin Diseases
6. Helpful for Anaemic & improve Haemoglobin
7. Prevents Diseases for Healthy People
8. Its very healthy food for Kids.

Traditional rice dosa mix chennai Small Millets